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70-Year-Old Migrant Worker Dies in Bengaluru Before Boarding Homebound Train

A 70-year-old migrant worker died after he collapsed on reaching Chikkabanavara Railway Station on the outskirts of Bengaluru on Wednesday evening.

The worker, who was supposed to board a train to Madhya Pradesh from the railway station, has been identified as Prabhulal Ahirwar, a resident of Narula village in Madhya Pradesh. Prabhulal had been working in a coffee estate in Karnataka’s Chikkamagaluru district.

Authorities have stated that the cause of death remained unknown. However, they added that the deceased did not walk all the way to the railway station, but had come to Bengaluru in a Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus arranged by the district administration of Chikkamagaluru to ferry migrants.

The bus had left Chikkamagaluru district on Wednesday morning, reaching Bengaluru in the evening.

“After getting down from the bus, he collapsed. He was taken to a hospital, but was declared dead on arrival,” said a senior police officer according to the report.

The police also added that he had been suffering from age-related issues and had fractured his hand after falling down.

Rising worker deaths

As of 19th May, there have been over 640 reported deaths in the country due to reasons unrelated to Covid-19. Around 310 migrant and wage workers have lost their lives either due to road accidents, suicide, medical and authoritative negligence, along with other factors.

Over the course of last weeks, the Indian government has allowed states to manage transportation and has resumed its railway services on selected routes to ferry the stranded workers.

The center has allocated 1000 crores from its PM Cares fund to states for the care of migrant workers to ensure that they reach home safe and are well taken care of with apt food and other resources on their way home.

REH has been tracking non-Covid-19 deaths in India. You can follow our live tracker here.