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News has evolved.

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REH stands for rural, environment, and health. It also means unusable soil with a layer of salt on it. The soil needs to be tilled out, much like the decisive layer of journalism that we are trying to peel.

Who are we?

We are India’s first newsletter aimed at curating rural, environmental, and health reportage.

At REH, we challenge the idea of “development” through stories that affect people, their health, and the environment.

We are a team of two — read more about us.

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The discourse around development has long been structured towards objective infrastructure and foreign investments.

What’s generally avoided is its relation with collective and sustainable progress in rural spaces, the health of individuals, and the regard for the environment.

At REH, we are bringing clearing this thick fog by curating impactful stories — ones that speak of India’s soul and showcases it in its most vibrant yet troubled spaces.

We are trying to re-define development and we want you to join us on our journey!

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